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Water Resources of Arkansas

Welcome to the USGS Web page that provides access to water resources information for Arkansas; this is your direct link to Arkansas water-resources data--quantity and quality of ground water, quantity and quality of surface water, and water use. You'll also find information about USGS publications and investigations conducted by the USGS and its cooperators.

Real-Time Data in Arkansas

Are you an angler, boater, water-resources manager, or other person who needs to know the amount of water
Streamflow Graph
(volume=streamflow, height at a specific location=stage) currently flowing down one of Arkansas' streams? The USGS provides realtime streamflow, stage, and precipitation information for more than 150 locations across Arkansas. This information is updated to our web page hourly via satellite. Users can view the information on graphs showing changes in streamflow or stage during a user-specified time period. Real-time water quality and ground water data also are available.

Arkansas Water Resources Information 2016 Flood

Surface Water Image The USGS in Arkansas collects a wide variety of water resource information at numerous locations all across Arkansas. These types of data include surface water quality, quantity, groundwater quality and water levels as well as various types of water use information. We are committed to making all of these data available to the public in an easily obtainable format through the use of automated retrieval processes. From the weblink above, users can easily obtain water quality information, perform rating curve retrievals, access StreamStats and much more. Additionally, information regarding applicable USGS publications and investigations conducted by the USGS here in Arkansas are also available.

Featured Science


Ozark NAWQA Study Unit

The Ozark Plateaus NAWQA is one of more the 50 study units that are part of the U.S. Geological Survey's National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program. The Ozark Plateaus study unit is approximately 48,000 square miles in size and inclu des parts of northern Arkansas, southeastern Kansas, southern Missouri, and nort heastern Oklahoma.

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New DOI 70178840 HTML Version
A rare Uroglena bloom in Beaver Lake, Arkansas, spring 2015 Lake and Reservoir Management
William R. Green and Brad Hufhines

SIR 2016-5130 HTML Version Acrobat Version Data Release
Altitudes and thicknesses of hydrogeologic units of the Ozark Plateaus aquifer system in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma
Drew A. Westerman, Jonathan A. Gillip, Joseph M. Richards, Phillip D. Hays, and Brian R. Clark

DOI 10.1086/687605 HTML Version
Macroinvertebrate and diatom metrics as indicators of water-quality conditions in connected depression wetlands in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain
Billy Justus, David Burge, Jennifer Cobb, Travis Marsico, and Jennifer Bouldin

Data release HTML Version
Ozark Plateaus seepage run dataset, southern Missouri and northern Arkansas, 1982-2006
Knierim, K.J., Wagner, D.M., Roland, V., and Nottmeier, A.M

SIR 2015-5044 HTML Version Acrobat Version
Lithology, Hydrologic Characteristics, and Water Quality of the Arkansas River Valley Alluvial Aquifer in the Vicinity of Van Buren, Arkansas
Timothy M. Kresse, Drew A. Westerman, and Rheannon M. Hart

SIR 2015-5031 HTML Version Acrobat Version
Dry Season Mean Monthly Flow and Harmonic Mean Flow Regression Equations for Selected Ungaged Basins in Arkansas
Brian K. Breaker

Water News and Notices

No Contamination from Fayetteville Shale Exploration Found in Sampled Wells (02/04/2013 )
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A study that examined the water quality of 127 shallow domestic wells in the Fayetteville Shale natural gas production area of Arkansas found no groundwater contamination associated with gas production, according to a report released today by the U.S. Geological Survey.
Jim Petersen

AR USGS Gas Shale water quality broadcast (01/23/2013 )
Domestic water wells in proximity to natural gas drilling sites in north central Arkansas are the subject of a newly released regional baseline study. The collaborative project, coordinated by the Arkansas U.S. Geological Survey Groundwater Resources Program was the first of its kind in the nation. And as Jacqueline Froelich reports, the results were surprising.
Jacqueline Froelich, KUAF

Water Board tests for stress on aquifer (01/26/2012 )
Despite a few technical skips and bumps in the road, the Union County Water Conservation Board began on Tuesday the third aquifer stress test in the last century in an effort to determine how well the Sparta Aquifer responds to the stress of continuous pumping.
Allison Gatlin, El Dorado News-Times

Illinois River Basin biology study (11/30/2011)
Last summer, the US Geological Survey began an ambitious biological sampling of the Illinois River in Washington and Benton Counties. We provide a progress report.
Jacqueline Froelich, KUAF radio Ozarks at Large

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